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Looking for an alternative to parking at the airport? Why not try a park sleep fly package at one of these Phila Airport Hotels:

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Phila Airport Parking

 Don't Pay Too Much!

Many US airports are suffering financially from the lower landing fees being offered at regional airports which are attracting the low cost airlines. One way of keeping their balance sheets healthy is to rip-off unsuspecting travellers who drive and park at the airport without researching their options first.

The worst example we found was parking your car at any on-site parking lot at Philadelphia International Airport. All of the Philadelphia on-site lots are owned by the city of Phila. and run by companies for them. The city sets the price it wants people to pay when they either pre-book a space or just turn up at one of the car parks. The difference between pre-booking and paying on the day is as much as 60% and for a two week vacation, that can be $60 or more. Now you might think how generous it is to offer such a great saving and you’re certainly not wrong about that but the trouble is that most of us just turn up at the airport without pre-booking - captive customers with no time to find a cheaper alternative. If only they had looked online for a better deal.

An alternative to parking at the airport are the privately run off-site airport car parks that are often cheaper than the airport’s own long-term parking lots, and online discounts can make off-site airport parking facilities even cheaper. Drivers often avoid off-site airport lots, thinking it will take extra time to transfer to and from the airport. But many airport operated long term car parks are also a shuttle ride away from the terminal. And at busier airports, such as Philadelphia and New York's JFK, the long-term parking lot is often full, which means you could spend half an hour looking for a space before searching for an off-site parking lot anyway.

 Also a good alternative is to find a hotel in the area of the airport which has a secured parking Philadelphia Airport Parking , Ramada Park and Jetfacility and free shuttle service 24 hours a day. One of the best Hotels in the area offering this service is the Philadelphia Airport Ramada's Park and Jet,  which is located  just 2 miles from the airport and offers free shuttle service to and from your car 24/7. When you return from your trip, you just pick-up one of the direct  phone lines in the airport and they will come pick you up. They also have a coupon on their website and they also offer package deals where you stay overnight and fly out in the morning.

So, the moral of the story is to do your research in advance of your trip, compare prices and get the best deal online. And of course you can always find the best deals here as we search them out for you. green-arrow-02_R

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